Aug 032017

I’ve come to the end of the ZR-7 rebuild [for a while]. To be honest it seems that life’s balance is once again out of whack, leaning far too much to the spend-it-up and live life today side of things. Time to take a breather and focus on padding the stash for tomorrow again.

Pirelli MT60’s complete the package

No matter how I try, I keep coming back to this angle. Many [most?] will not understand my liking for this machine, nor indeed my customisation. I’m ok with that!

The original plan was to replace the stock headlight with a dual-lens replacement. Of late I have been reconsidering. Perhaps the single round light speaks of the era from which this bike originates?

The next step in the project is to have the seat re-covered, possibly still in red but perhaps more of a darker ox-blood shade and perhaps in leather.


Then……on to the rear !


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