Apr 182014

I’m astounded by people giving me advice about sailing and yachting. Not that I couldn’t use a bit of advice and guidance now and again mind you. But nevertheless positively astounded.

Why you may ask?

Well, the advice generally comes third- or fourth-hand, on hearsay, from people who don’t sail nor care for and maintain a yacht.

You must go and live there because that’s the only place in South Africa where your house and your yacht can be in the same location“. “You must keep the boat there“. “You must [or must not] sail here“. “The wind in the cape is too strong so you must keep your boat in Durban“. And so it goes. Anecdotal re-telling of other people’s adventures and mishaps.

I don’t mind the retelling of the stores so much as the fact that they often seem to carry more weight in the mind of the re-teller than my actual South Atlantic experience. It’s one thing to listen to someone and form an opinion ¬†based on the telling. It’s quite another to actually put yourself out there and live the actual experience. So give some credit for that world.

Does it bug me, this ‘not being heard’? Not so much any more. Well sometimes just a little bit, sometimes, when it’s a subject close to my heart.

Main thing is; be careful whose advice you take on board. When someone says you absolutely must do this or that or the other all they are really doing is voicing their own values and beliefs. Listen to them by all means but live your own convictions.


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