Feb 132016

I’ll admit to taking some strain being without my girls this last few weeks. It’s plain-and-simple loneliness.

One would think it best to get stuck into a project or something but my motivation levels have been rock-bottom.

As usual, when I feel this way, cabin fever has me pacing the shopping malls. I already know I’ ll find nothing of value to me there and yet I do it anyway.

At every window there is media depicting people living the good life. Happy, smiling, fit and tanned specimens all screaming how you too can have this good life….but you ‘ll need this action camera, this outfit, this expensive piece of tech gear to do so.

It’s all marketing BS.

You don’t buy the stuff to make you a surfer, a sailor, a runner. No. You get out there and you just surf/sail/run. You do the activity, you don’t accessorise. You’re a runner by virtue of the fact that you run, not because you wear some ridiculously expensive gadget.

Writers write. Sailors sail. Runners run.

Stop theorising about who you are and what you want,

Do it.

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