Sep 212011

I serendipitously stumbled across a TED2006 talk by Tony Robbins which I found interesting. You can watch the embedded video which I’ve taken the liberty of summarising as follows:

 All people have the same 6 needs:

Every human finds the 1st four somehow:

      • Certainty
      • Variety [Uncertainty]
      • Significance
      • Connection and Love

Some never find the latter 2 fulfillment/spiritual needs:

      • Growth
      • Contribution beyond ourselves

 Our behaviours are thus determined by:

      • Which of the 6 needs ‘leads’ or dominates ?
      • Our maps [beliefs/worldview]
      • Our decisions/actions:
          • What we choose to focus on
          • The meaning we give to that
          • The actions we take as a result

The basic storyline goes something like… “We all crave certainty to some extent, wanting to predict the future, our financial success, our happiness, ……but too much certainty leads to boredom and so we need some level of variety” …. etc. etc.

So, if this is indeed true, we have a [yet another] ‘system’ to try and make sense of how people behave [and in this site’s context, how project team members or project stakeholders behave]. If you understand which of the 6 needs, or combinations thereof, predominantly drive an individual, then you have a better idea of how they might respond to, for example, the change that your project might introduce into their life.

Might one take this thought process a step further and apply it to organisations as well ? Still thinking hard about that one…….

Take a look at the video….it will all become much clearer…. !

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