Dec 192013

I’ve realised I no longer need windfinder. I’ve found the wind and it’s all here in Simonstown!

Simonstown forecast


42km/h equates to around 20 or 22 kts, something I should be used to at the Vaal. But, for some reason, it just seems way, way stronger here ?

I’ve noticed the locals like the north-easter for sailing – good breeze, flat sea. Maybe it’s also a weekend / work thing [but that is less likely seeing as how its December holiday season, but I don’t see many headed out into the bay with the SE’er blowing. The bay cuts up a bit rough!

The anchorage and mooring field at FBYC is full. There’s a large [50 – 60 footer] at anchor for the last 3-4 days – and she’s still in the same spot !? Two nights back a navy frigate anchored in the view, again in a ripping SE’er. Next morning there she was, still in the same spot !? Damn – and I can’t even get a 5-ton Miura to stay put.

Sailing here is going to be a learning curve of note !

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