Apr 122014

I have this lingering low-level ‘flu. Just can’t shake it. So, rather than doing anything too strenuous this weekend, I’ve been a couchy, lying in front of the telly with the dogs most of the day.

I caught the last episode of “Long Way Down” and as usual, that has me wishing for something ‘more’ than just the ZR7.

It’s not the thought that is bad. It’s acting on the thought. A new GS1200 is a beautiful and desirable beast. Let’s be totally honest here – if I had cash under the pillow then there’d be one in the garage! But, at this stage of the game there is neither the pillow-stash nor the time to do a bike like that justice.

I noticed a post from a Facebook acquaintance – “1 week road trip solo through Namibia on a GS”. Wonderful. I love it and wish him well. I’d love to join him. But, my life is not geared up that way at the moment. There are other aspects of life, core activities, that I have chosen and judged more important at this phase of life – like family, sailing, Glencairn and stepping off! One day I may do the GS thing but for now it would just be an expensive distraction.

Watching McGregor and Boorman tour through Namibia has me wanting to do that. And I may one day. But for now it’s not top of the priority list, not something worth damaging the stash or the dream for.

I recently started a new ‘old’ job and have been bumping into, and catching up with,  old colleagues. “Still riding the same old ZR7? I thought you would have upgraded to a BMW by now?” was the comment I received from one. All I can do is smile. To replace a ZR7 with a GS is not an upgrade, it is just something different! And for what I use the bike for 99% of the time [i.e. weekly commuting to the office] a GS would be awkward, overly large and overkill.

A new GS, fully kitted is currently around R 185 000. I’m stepping off in 5 to 10. R185k invested for 10 years at a conservative 12% gives a stash of …. R610k. There’s no way I’m willing to stay on the treadmill a moment longer just to ride a cool bike in the Jhb traffic.

Nope. The ZR7 will suite me just fine.



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