Jul 162016
We're in the south Atlantic now

We’re in the south Atlantic now

As they say, the Cape weather is a fickle mistress!

The day started out cold and wet with low lying cloud and fog curling around the mountain into the marina. By 12pm the sun was out, the temperature up and the wind down. 2pm had the halyards and flags in the marina whipping away to a 15kt SW’ly, gusting 20kt.

Should we sail or should we not?

Considering the availability of skilled crew, considering the boat is far from home when we’re back in Jhb, considering the sooner we experience heavy weather and get it over with the better, we tucked a reef in the main and set course for the open South Atlantic.

This little Miura is superb. She’s not without her shortcomings, as with all things in life, but in these waters and conditions she’s in her element. A stiff 19-20kt SW’ly blowing over a short, steep two and a half meter swell had us hanging on tight while moving around the boat. As usual, the camera batteries died and so I had to revert to the phone to get a bit of video footage of the conditions.

It’s funny how things are. Often, there’s a hesitance to set sail. The “should we” or “shouldn’t we” mental debate rages, especially when the wind is up but, once out there, it’s always “Why did I even think of not going out?”

It was a little rough out there as we cleared the lee of Mouille Point, a steep and short swell blowing in from the SW. With a reef in the main and two thirds of the genoa out I thought that maybe we’d be a little slow, but no. The GPS track and data below show my fastest recorded max ever on Blue. Pity this GPS system doesn’t show exactly where that was achieved?

Max Speed !!

Max Speed – 8.1kt!!

The fore-hatch leaks, the bilges seem continually wet and things rust within 2 seconds of coming aboard but so what. Overall Blue is everything I’d hoped she would be out here. Can’t believe I waited so long to make the move.

Crash 'n Splash

Crash ‘n Splash

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