Nov 192012

After my last entry, exposing the battle within, I’ll have to admit I’ve been sorely tempted. It seems like the entire universe is focussed on throwing perfect yachts at throw-away prices in my path.

There’s a R238k Morgan 31 in Durbs, several R200k Lellos at Durbs and Port Owen and, the greatest temptation of all, a R70k Cape 28 down in Cape Town. My mind is spinning with the possibilites…!

But you cannot be a sailor without time. Cash or no cash, time is the ultimate currency for our pastime. If you don’t have time you can’t work on the boat, can’t sail the boat, can’t hug the boat. Time really is of paramount importance.

So. What now? I don’t know. I’m still honestly trying to work on the “making more time” aspect rather than going for the short-term fix of a new “old” boat. Especially one in a far-away port that I will struggle to visit, maintain and sail on top of everything else. Not that I don’t want to sail the West Coast more than anything else, but it doesn’t really make sense putting a boat down there and living up in Jo’burg.

Anyway, those are my struggles! Considering the grief and poverty in the world, I consider myself blessed that those are my struggles.

And just so’s you don’t all think I’m a saint for keeping the wallet closed to date, I slipped and bought a new old boat last weekend ……

the new sailing dinghy / tender to Sole sUrchin

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