Nov 112016

The forecast for the next few days is big – 25 to 30kt SE’lies. It’s not unusual for the actual wind speed, especially in the gusts to exceed the forecast by 5 or even 10kts and so we’re in for a windy visit to ‘Blue this weekend.

The nerves are absent though because this is a maintenance visit with no plans to sail. The reefing block and stanchion that we broke last time out need repair or replacement and the chart-plotter install needs to be finished up. While I may tackle a few other projects, that sounds like enough for a couple of days.

The weather has been crazy of late. Wednesday afternoon a gigantic, ferocious thunderstorm dumped on Joburg, so badly that the N3 became a raging flash flood. I would have been there, the very spot and time, had I not taken Modderfontein for the back roads.

These coincidences in life, they continue to puzzle me, There are too many, too often to even consider that they might be random events, just pure luck. Somehow, in all of this, I retain a belief in a God out there. Somehow, the polarised views of Science and Organised Religion have allowed ego and dogma to cloud the search for truth. Somehow, in all of this I think there is a scientific God who, somehow, still looks after things.

Anyway, I digress. All that remains of today is to survive the Project from Hell and disappear to ‘Blue for some honest physical labour. Can’t wait.


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