Nov 092013

We, since 1 November 2013, have a peninsular street address. It’s been quite hard because since the offer was made end September, I’ve still not gotten to see the place [will have to wait for December holidays for that]

To ease the pain of Sandy zooting back and forth between here and there while keep the fort, I’ve been doing crazy things like listening to  [what I thought was] KFM, looking at daily Simonstown wind forecasts and furthering my discoveries of online blogs about simple green living, frugality, anything pretty much to do with living large on a small income. After all, the income earning future is grey but the life we want is down there.

Some interesting reading from today has been: TravellingGreener,  Tiny House Talk & Not Buying Anything.

The latter blog had an rant about consumerisim that I enjoyed, pretty much agreeing with the sentiment “I’m a citizen, not a consumer”.

That got me thinking though. It’s easy to be a “consumer” if you’re not careful and I’m not refering to the mainstream use of the word here. By sitting on the couch all day reading sailing blogs rather than sailing, you become a “consumer”, consuming tales of other’s experiences and adventure rather than being an active participant in life.

It’s a trite, cliche that tomorrow may never come. For some who work toward the dream and finally, 20 years later, through simple living and controlled spending and saving finally break free and “live the life” – I guess they are very happy that tomorrow actually did come. Tomorrow was actually there for them. For many others, tomorrow literally does not come.

It’s a risk, a huge risk, this working today in order to live life tomorrow. Somewhere in there, there’s a balance between living for now and providing for tomorrow that everyone has to find for themselves.

My upbringing would have me believe that tomorrow coming is all that matters, that this life here on earth is a precursor to something better. I find myself struggling to agree with that these days.

The way I’m feeling now I’ve had enough focus on providing for tomorrow. It’s time to start living a little more today.

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