Jun 052012

For those of you who have a yacht and have nothing planned for 30 June 2012 – Why not take a cruise up Wilge River to Oranjeville? There are 3 or 4 confirmed boats at this stage, the plan being to independantly make their way to just before the low level bridge and anchor just off the Oranjeville western shoreline. Those with dinghys are then planning to row around under the bridge to the Herberg Hotel for dinner. Sounds like excellent fun! Too bad my boat is out of the water.

This is not a formal, organised cruise. There’s no-one really coordinating things or sweeping the back of the fleet to make sure everyone leaves on time, sails fast enough and doesn’t get lost. It’s a “get there on your own” with the knowledge that if things do go south and you need a hand there will be others around, willing to assist if necessary. Just the way we like it! Feel free to pitch up and join in the fun!

Take a look at the Forum thread to keep up with the latest plans for this cruise !

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