May 062014

The early retirement goal is more time, more flexibility, more freedom in the way one earns.

A stepping stone in the plan is to relocate to CT somewhere in the next 5years or so and take up another ‘corporate’ style job for the last 5 years of stashing the pensions and RA’s.

But maybe there’s an interim step?

Over the years I’ve often thought of contracting [or own business] but that hasn’t worked and the tradeoffs for the corporate salary have been analysed and deemed acceptable in light of the overall plan. But there is a way to muscle yourself some additional free time in the corporate without giving up the financial perks.

It’s called unpaid leave.

The key thing is, don’t get hung up on the 20-days leave p.a. thing. There is virtually as much leave as you are willing to sacrifice salary for, exactly the same as if you were working an hourly rates contract. Main thing is to understand that the tradeoff is money for time.


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