Feb 132014

There was good news all round yesterday. A decent revised offer and the skin cancer scare not being too serious it seems. We were both happy, relieved and carefree yesterday. A good feeling! Why is it so hard to hold on to, to maintain, to replicate? If you could bottle and market that feeling you’d be OK.

On the bike, heading into the office this morning, older feelings, frustration feelings, tense feelings are already surfacing again. I ask myself ‘Why?’

The best answer I can come up with is that I really don’t see what I do for my work as fulfilling or exciting or desirable anymore. I’m tired of the tension and aggression in Jo’burg living, I’m tired of being a corporate cubicle slave. Sure, I bring home some bucks and we live a good life, but the joy of yesterday’s living doesn’t permeate today’s life and dreams. And I feel, at this stage of life, that it should. At least I think it should.

I’m using every opportunity to work the Cape Town move into conversation. I suggest we put 253 on the market to feel things out. We need to fly regularly, using the additional income while we have it. Sands is all in for the latter two, but not convinced yet on the former. Good thing is both of us have this vision and I think the latest scare has brought us both on the same page that life is short. Too short to prepare to live one day.

Today is the only day you have to live!

So, here’s to making the best of life as it is today and still working towards the dream of tomorrow.

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