Feb 122014

At this stage of my working life I am under no illusions that a move to another corporate job is going to be drastically different. None whatsoever. So why the move?

It’s been a challenging year and a bit, one in which I’ve been stretched technically. That has been an excellent experience, something that was long overdue. But, they haven’t all been pleasant challenges.

The fact that I’m held accountable for delivery in an organisation where I have limited influence or control is mind-boggling. The matrix interference here is other-wordly ! And there are a myriad of other niggles and gripes many of which, should I be honest, are going to follow me to the next gig.

But, the following are the actual insurmountable ones:



At the end of the day the workload, the office politics and people issues .. they are all manageable to a degree. What has really pushed me over the top is the threat to my finances from the policy changes.

After 45 years in this game of life people still haven’t a clue of who I am or what I’m about. If there is one thing about me you should know it’s that I aim to “do what I say”. In general life seems full of people who are exactly the opposite. Big talk and little action folks, the squeeky hinges that get all the attention. I’ve bee open, honest and fair here. I’ve approached the organisation with my concerns and needs. All to no avail. It’s time to stop beating my head against the blood-stained wall.

While I’m under no illusions that there wont be other difficult challenges ahead, at least the allowance issue is resolved. Today is the day to move on! Here’s to a good life until the next roadblock is thrown our way!

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