Mar 132014

Read this on Lloyd’s Blog yesterday:

…this isn’t a forum, I’m a broadcaster, don’t want to get slowed down in debates…

I write this because, well because I just enjoy writing. That and putting my thoughts down helps me somehow to make sense of things. It’s here, in full public view, not because I care for hordes of adoring “followers”. Hell, that would be scary. It’s here because one of my core values is ‘openess / honesty / transparency’. I’m tired of hiding the real me from the world. This is who I am, like it or not.

And, on top of that, I’ve lived enough life to know there are many other’s out there battling similar thoughts but not thinking it politically correct to express themselves, especially in the corporate environment. Afraid that being who they are will limit their lives, their salaries, their ‘success’. So these ramblings may just strike a cord with those folks and give them a little encouragement to know you don’t necessarily get sidelined just because you think differently – certainly not if you have a ‘can do, work hard’ attitude.

Do I care to help others? Of course I do! If they come to me for advice or help I am happy to oblige. Do I care if nobody comes? Absolutely not! That’s why there is no advertising of these ramblings, no marketing myself, no networking, no nothing. I’m not about to sell myself and am definitely not into unsolicited advice. If you don’t see the value then you’re not my kind of person.

That attitude has gotten me pretty far in life so far. Don’t see why I should change it now !!

So yes, I like Lloyd’s take on things. The feedback, the critisism; it can all be useful and thought-provoking, but whether there or not, it’s not that important. This is me, irrespective of the feedback or the debate. If you don’t like it you won’t hang around, and that’s fine by me. If you do like it and hang around, great, but there are no comments allowed because as Lloyd says:

…this isn’t a forum, I’m a broadcaster, don’t want to get slowed down in debates…

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