Sep 282014
Take OB to Brazil and back.

  • Move to Mantens (2014.09)
  • Truck to Ocean (2017/2018)
  • Sail to FBYC (2017/2018)
  • Ready the skipper and the yacht (2020/2022)
  • Learn Portuguese
  • Sail to Rio via St Helena and Ilha Trindade (2022)
  • Cruise the islands South of Rio [Baia Ilha Grande]
  • Return to FBYC (2023)
Next challenge: Firm the dates! Determine the finances!
Ilha Grande Quest
Cape Town to St Helena,
St Helena to Ilha Trindade,
Ilha Trindade to Rio de Janeiro
Cruise Baia Ilha Grande for a season or two
Back to Cape Town

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