Apr 272013

I have to admit being conflicted some lots of the time, especially when it comes to spending time with the boat.

The weekends are short and weekends are also prime family time.

But the yacht is also important to me and it needs love and attention [aka maintenance] just like all other areas of life.

My solution is to not be overly consumed by work. I try my best to be home and present during the week. Yes, I’ve sacrificed career in a sense, but overall I think I’ve found a happy compromise. Besides, in the digital age, there’s no reason to work long hours in the office when the shed at home will suffice, allowing you to save the commute time and be with the wife and kids.

Even so, the day planned at the boat today has still left me with a twinge of something. I’m hesitant to leave home. Why? I suppose for several reasons. One, it’s time away from the family alone. But, underlying the feeling is the fact that it’s easier to sit on the couch than to take action. There’s a bit of work needed to pack the car, take the drive and do the work on board.

But, I know for a fact, if I don’t go, I’ll end up with cabin fever and a twinge of regret.

Any kind of ‘success’ in life takes a few things to achieve. i] A dream or vision of the outcome, ii] consistent action in the direction of the dream.

So, here’s to some action….!

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