Nov 132013

Quite difficult to reconcile the “Small House, Tiny Living,  Simplicity” ethos with spending the odd million on a 160sqm house.

Or is it?

Surfer dude

Surfer dude

You need some land to put your tiny, simple house. The land is pricey. So much so that 16 de Villiers was more cost effective than a blank slate. Plus, there’s the added benefit of rental income. A blank canvas in Scarb’s [our first choice of area] would have set us back R500-800k, with no income potential.  We could have bought cheaper somewhere else, Saldanha for instance. But we don’t want to live somewhere else!

Just because one respects and admires the Small House Movement and the entire ethos of “Living Lightly on the Earth” doesn’t mean that you have to be all in or nothing. It’s quite acceptable to take aspects of something and apply them to your own situation. there are no rules, no police monitoring whether you make the grade or not.

I’m a sailor. While I respect and admire those like the Pardeys that are “all in” with the live-aboard and cruising lifestyle, it doesn’t make me any less a sailor because I’ am not “all in”. It just means we are different, have different likes, needs and aspirations. Doesn’t mean we can’t learn from each other and take what suites us and still all be happy.

So even if, on the surface, 16 de Villiers Way doesn’t meet the Small House “criteria”, there are and will be aspects of the philosophy that we adopt and make our own. The spend will be on what is important to us. The physical labour on aspects of the home that we enjoy and love.

And that’s all that matters. Not that the world looking in is happy with us but that we are happy in the lifestyle and choices we make there every day!

I think we did a good thing. Can’t wait to get started.

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