May 182011

Strange title I know but I’ll explain…..

A lot of my online reading lately has been focussed on innovation, on entrepreneurial small business, start-ups and the like and one of the topics of discussion I’ve stumbled across it the concept of the ‘Lifestyle Business’. No, it’s not a store selling hiking and camping gear! The term loosely refers to a business where the primary objective is not to grow at all costs but to sustain a certain level of income or growth or size in order to provide quality of life, quality of product/service  or something similar.

Shock Horror! That’s heresy of the first order in the mainstream corporate world. But I am very glad to discover that it’s not only myself who thinks that way.

If you translate this into the world of projects it ties in very nicely with the Lazy PM train of thought. It’s not always about doing more, climbing higher, appearing successful in the world’s eyes. It’s really about knowing how much is enough, what is sustainable and finding a balance to ones life that allows time for all the important things, project management and otherwise.

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