Jul 092014

It’s true that you can find numerous inventive means to keep the cost of owning a sailboat down but ultimately, no matter what anyone may protest, it does actually cost a bit. It’s not a free sport.

I’ve just realised, after my visit to FBYC this morning, that my budget for the future here is totally inadequate. Some of the shockers this morning, talking to the marina management company are the following:

  • Walk-on rental for a 30′ boat currently runs about R2k per month – with a 7.5% increase approved for next year.
  • Alternatively, taking a long term view, it may be better to buy a walk-on from around R120k, The monthly fee drops to around R650 then I’m told.
  • There are several hectic joining fees, somewhere in the order of R4k, for marina entrance.
  • Club fees are actually not too bad, certainly better than I expected. Currently annual membership runs at R3542 p.a, again with a joining fee of R3542 once off. This certainly is comparative to PNYC and, cosidering the facilities, is vastly superior value for money

So, looking at the two options:

  1. Renting a mooring: R2300 p.m.
  2. Buying a mooring: R1000 p.m.

Then there is annual maintenance. On the Vaal I get away with anti-fouling every 3-4 years, but down in False Bay it’s definitely an annual event. Lets say slipping, anti-foul, labour and other odd jobs while on the hard – R8000 p.a.

And this isn’t adding in insurance and annual COF requirements.

So, bottom line, you need a minimum of R2k p.m. probably R2k5 to R3k to comfortably keep and maintain a boat on the walk-ons here. In addition you need to do most the work yourself.

Of course there are always ways to reduce this cost. I could keep the yacht in a cheaper location, but then would probably spend the equivalent or more on fuel and travelling. I could certainly keep the boat on a swing mooring. Not nearly as convenient and the birds are vicious I’m told.

Anyway, have a few years to think it through!

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