Apr 232013

Belgium Campus.

Are they legit? To be honest I’m sceptical. A cursory search on the web reveals nothing. A tertiary education institution with no footprint out there? Something is off! There’s just not enough external recommendation or history pointing to these guys. To be honest, I’d be happier paying for something at a recognised institution, one of the universities  or technical colleges. Unisa, for example.

Why the interest? Well my boy is finishing up his matric [gr12] this year and is searching for something [useful] to do next year. Well, at least his mother and I are searching for something useful for him to do.

Call me cynical, but I believe that much of life out there is focused more on my money than on my well being. It’s not that there aren’t individuals and organisations that are honourable and that don’t don’t provide good value for the money you hand over, but my experience leads me to believe that these are in the minority.

That’s why you hang on to good people and organisations when you find them.

The challenge here is, with no contacts in the tertiary education field, it’s become necessary for some in-depth research and healthy cynicism.

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