May 162014


Owner not willing to negotiate on price. Adamant that the car is worth the R58k asking price. It’s beautifully kept for sure, pristine actually for an ’83 model, but a little more than I’m willing to spend on a 30+ year old car. Will have to move on.

Crisis averted, thanks to the strange way things are in the universe.


True to form I can’t ever let things go. Took B and the alfa past for a closer look. Poking around under the bonnet and I find pools of oil on the inlet manifold. The seller is convinced it’s not serious, a ‘small’ problem easily resolved. I, on the other hand don’t know enough to agree with him. I’m cured. I don’t need another leaky car in the driveway. One is enough.

OK. Crisis is now averted!


R58k – That’s enough to live off for 3-4 months on an ER budget of 15-20k pm. That’s 3 to 4 months of total freedom, not even considering the future investment growth on the money [R191k over 10yrs].

That begs the question “How serious are you about stepping off?” Where’s the balance between building the stash for the future and living life today? The answer to that question lies in a full understanding of what it means to you personally to ‘live life today’. Simple answer for us is – sailing and Glencairn. Anything that big a spend outside those two arenas is suspect and probably frivolous.

If I know this then why do I go window shopping and get that close to derailing the plan so often?


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