Nov 052017

No matter which way I run the numbers there’s just not enough in the bucket right now to give all the world the middle finger and quit.

There’s enough to give the current corporate the shove and live off savings until another income stream is found [32 months of FU-Fund as of today].

But certainly not enough to totally step off.

And so, what to do?

In past years I would have resigned myself to my fate and bought another expensive toy to ease the pain. Now, I’m willing to work through the pain, willing to battle on, find another way, do whatever it takes to break these golden handcuffs once and for all.”

For now, as much as it pains, it makes sense to suck it up and just say “Yes Sir”, knowing that if push really comes to shove, then I can walk. And in the meantime, take unpaid leave, visit the boat and work on BroadReach!


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