Jan 022015

Today is rubbish collection day in Kensington and the truck has arrived, accompanied by the usual shouting, whistles and barking neighbourhood canines.

Being the Christmas – New Year season, there’s the usual banging on gates and aggressive “communication”¬†aimed at drawing me out into the street so that the dear old poor bin men can solicit some gifts.

Give me, give me. I am so poor and you are so rich, so give me!

Please don’t think I’m not charitable and oblivious to the actual disadvantaged and the poor because I’m not! I just make pointedly sure that my charities are actually needy and deserving. The fact that you have a paying job and yet demand me to give you something for sometimes doing it [as evidenced by all the filthy rubbish strewn street corners in Joburg]!?

Sorry. You and your fellow “Give Me’s” are knocking on the wrong gate.