Jun 072013

I reckon South African roads are amongst the most dangerous I’ve ever driven on.

The reason – lack of tolerance ! Period !

For a country that blows it’s own horn on the human rights front, it seems ironic that, once behind the wheel of your flashy, expensive luxury vehicle, no-one is more important than you and your destination. On the road only you have rights and the human rights theory – the right to a safe and peaceful journey home – becomes mute.

Any risk is worth taking, any gap an opportunity, any space a route to winning some kind of insane race to get to somewhere ahead of everyone else.

And when things go pear and there’s an accident, heaven forbid you pull over to the verge to let the rest of society through. No way! You stop right there in the middle of the road and delay everyone else. Because, after all, you are the most important thing in the universe and everyone else should feel the impact of your impatience and rash behaviour¬†stupidity!

Don’t I sometimes just love living here!

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