Oct 092016

It’s been a while since the end of August when I packed up the boat and left in a little bit of a depressive huff [see “No more boats for me“].  In the intervening while there have been a few visits to check on the bilges and make sure the lines are still all intact but mostly by the girls rather than myself.

The time away has been good in a sense. The old cliche “a change is as good as a holiday” definitely rings true here.

A beautiful sunny Cape Town day

A beautiful sunny Cape Town day

The girls paid another visit today and report all is well. The fact that the bilges are mostly dry means that the remaining leaks around the P-Strut and the raw water intake are well under control. Not that they don’t need to eventually be addressed but at least, for now, can be ignored.

I have this sense that life inland is coming to a end. With each passing week, each dismal day in the traffic, each non-sensical corporate stress filled day, I find myself dreaming of far off tropical islands were the weather is warm, the water crystal clear and life holds different challenges. The challenges of life here in Johannesburg continue unabated and while I’ve been ready to chuck it all in for a while now, I sense that Sandy is ever closer as well [a very good thing in my book].

I’ve recently had this heightened sense of living in a world gone crazy, a world where being ‘politically correct’ trumps all, where the rights of a few radicals trump the rights of the moderate majority, where those you thought were friends turn out to be paranoid psychotics. It’s all just driven home to me how important the boat really is in my life.

The break has been good but, I’m happy to admit, the dream still burns ever so brightly. My sweet little Miura still tugs gently at her lines, impatiently calling, impatiently waiting the day when I finally drum up the courage to turn my back on life here in Jo’burg, to turn off the taps of corporate income and turn  my dreams westward and south, down to the stormy confluence of the Indian and Atlantic oceans.

Never fear ‘Blue! Recent events push me ever closer to that day, closer to casting off from the world that calls itself ‘real‘ and yet conceals the actual real life in politics, paranoia, stress, egos and rampant fear of the future.

It shall be soon! Perhaps very soon, because something in our current lives just changed!


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