Apr 292014

Yappy, snappy dogs. That’s what we have here. It’s hugely frustrating. Jack barks and snaps at every single dog he meets. Seems he [or I] have brought some Jo’burg tension to the fairest Cape.

‘Please crush the cans and plastic bottles before putting them in the bin to save space’. And what do I get, uncrushed garbage.

‘Can we please use the car to go to the pet shop. It’s close, here near Claremont’. No it isn’t. It’s flipp’n the other side of the world in Durbanville.

For some reason or another I have a little frustration at the moment. I want the dogs and the kids to be as perfect as the location, the beach, the run in the rain, the glass-smooth ocean paddle. And yet they aren’t. They probably will never be.

Sometimes things just are what they are. If you can’t let them go then they have the potential to derail whatever other happiness can be found in the day.

The only thing I can control, improve, is myself. If I’m tense then it’s a guarantee that the dogs will also be. If I’m relaxed, while no certain thing that the dogs will also be relaxed, they sure have a better chance of being so.

So, here’s looking forward to just chillin’ and taking the good out of this holiday.

to the beach


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