Mar 222015

A start has been made. However small it is, nevertheless it’s progress. With the trailer out of the way all that remains is a roof over the space for the “new” workshop and then the work on the semi-grid cottage can start in earnest!

Rustic HP-Wall

Rustic HP-Wall

Frank just openly laughed at us when told it was finished. I reckon he thinks us folks have lost the last marble. After all, I’m always telling him that things should be square, level and straight when he builds.

5 bags of concrete mix and a bag of nails. That’s all I’ve spent recently to get this wall up. The poles for the main structure have been lying around ever since the carport and the cladding has been in the back garden for years and years. The wood is still good, too hard to hammer in the nails without first drilling.

Sometimes one just has to start. It’s easy to try and plan too much, to try and see the end result and as a result end up procrastinating. Sometimes just climbing in with hammer and nails and making a start works out much better. And so it will be with the “new” semi-grid cottage. We have an idea of a plan but that’s it. The rest will evolve as we go along.


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