Jan 042018

Who are all those people on the freeway in the mornings? Come to think of it, at any time of the day?

It may be different in your city, but somehow I’d be sceptical if you told me that. People rushing, driving fast, taking stupid risks to gain an ‘advantage’ over their fellow road user. Looking at the behaviour on the roads there are a lot of important, successful people around. They all have to get to their destinations as fast as possible because…

The often-used ‘statistic’ is that 70% of all people are miserable in their jobs. I look at the behaviour on the roads on a weekday morning and I have to disagree. Most people love their jobs so much that they are always rushing to get there. Speeding, tailgating, taking stupid, life-threatening risks all in an effort to get to a place you are miserable at just doen’t make any sense to me.

So, the statistics must be wrong. If people really hated their jobs they wouldn’t risk life and limb rushing to get to them now would they?

One of the best things about this new direction life has taken is my new-found ability to avoid the morning rush.


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