Feb 142013

Slow but steady progress is being made. I don’t know what was used to bond the old name on the hull. It certainly took forever to get it off and my fingers are still numb and tingly 2 days later. But, finally, the new old boat is ready to have the champagne bottle uncorked and officially renamed. Once the that’s done, the photo-shop name will be replaced by the actual!

Ocean Blue

I do realise that there’s a huge, under-world battle between the Roman and Greek gods of the wind and sea now looking on the process with raised eyebrows, thinking 1) he didn’t do that right and we’re going to bring bad luck to his ship and 2) he’d better choose us to appease rather than those other gods over there.

Well, I aint Roman or Greek so I guess I’ll just move ahead and do my own thing without paying any of them any attention. Here goes….!

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