May 282013

I don’t believe it’s really possible to have true friends in the work-team context. Yes, you can be friendly with people, but, when the chips are down and the pressure is on, everyone reverts first and foremost to protecting their patch, doing what they “think” is expected of them, putting the “friendship” a distant second. It’s just part of the game so understand it, don’t be freaked by it. It’s just the way things are.

Another corporate driven by sales and revenue and only paying lip-service to margins and delivery efficiency. These KPI’s drive management behaviour toward the team as well. No “What are you struggling with in doing your job?” But purely a “How are the numbers and the forecast looking?” And this question gets asked each and every week without fail, ramping up to each and every day almost at key quarter and year-end dates.

The corporate is not the most efficient place to work. The open plan office and it’s distractions. The army of back-office admin staff and systems that need to be massaged to work. The plethora of people and functions that need guidance and decision making on what and when to do. On top of all that, people with their egos and agendas advancing their pathetic little careers. My word. No wonder I’m drained.

Tired of work and hassle and pressure from people ALL the time. Tired !!

The next gig has to provide me time. Time to think, time to run, time to sail. Time to just live life a little more than is currently possible.


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