Sep 292011

So I’m starting to read, and thoroughly enjoying, the “Personal MBA” by Josh Kaufman. Brilliant stuff that really connects with who I am. I totally get it!

That said, I happened to glance through my Linked-In profile and a glaring potential paradox hit me straight between the eyes, forcing me to take stock! I’m leaning towards openly expressing a personal disdain at a formal business education and yet there, on the very same page is my PMP, another formal certification. Interesting! Why do I believe in having a PMP on my CV but not an MBA?

A pertinent jab in the ribs to make sure that we don’t run others down because they believe in doing an MBA. Rather, a reminder to make sure we all focus on what is personally important to us, to do what really matters to us and not what we think matters because the business world pushes the message so hard, so subtly that we cannot distinguish our own voice amidst the background noise.

I agree with Kaufman. People tend to take their identities from the letters behind their names. PMP, PrEng, MBA etc. Even the creative, entrepreneurial crowd fall prey to this. I mean, how many people do you see advertising themselves as “Creatives” or “Entrepreneurs” or “CEO” even thought they only have a 1-man show behind a web-page. I mean, if you believe in doing business on your own terms, then why would you cling to the term “CEO” when describing your role?

Sure, one can argue that it’s about the group and the opportunities that the group offers. If you don’t market yourself to the group [i.e. By using those letters behind your name] then how will they learn of your common interest? That may be a valid thought, but never forget….

It’s totally not about the number of letters behind your name. It’s really is all about your skills and ability to consistently and innovatively add value while enjoying the process and living well in the world while you do it!

So if you truly believe….. and it’s really you speaking ….    go out and get that PMP [….. or MBA] … !

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