Jan 272014

It amazes me how much panic and anguish arises in people without any logic or concrete fact to back it up. Absolutely mind-befuddling!

The corporate vehicle and travel allowance policy is undergoing a cost-cutting revamp. The rumor mill is alive and well and there are tales of horrendous liberties being taken by the powers-that-be.

So – I’m under no illusion were the focus lies. It’s an exercise in improving the company’s bottom cost line. They have no philanthropic ideal to give their loved team members the best deal possible. It may well be that it turns into a huge personal bone of contention, another nail in the coffin and the final straw. But, until it is, it isn’t. And until the facts are made known by official decree, the old regime stands.

So yes, tomorrow may bring concern. The changes and potential freedom-limiting clauses may be too much to stomach. But for now, just be aware of it coming, be on the lookout for it. Do your homework on the current situation. Know your current deal so that it’s quick and easy to compare with the new when it emerges.

But for heaven’s sake, until it’s published, chill dudes. Just Chill!

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