Oct 052012

Chaos: Are you sailing ?

Clewless: Afraid not. Are you?

Chaos: Yup. Thought I saw u on the dam…

Clewless: Unfortunately my boat ran aground 2 weekends ago and I haven’t managed to refloat her yet 🙁

Chaos: Broke off the swing ?

Clewless: Nope. Some bugger took her off the mooring while I wasn’t there and when I next saw her she was hard aground. I still can’t get over it

Clewless: I must admit, I’m a little devastated about it

< time passes, with a phone call or two >

Clewless: ha ha ha. Gotcha.

Chaos: Clown !


and so there we have it. it is possible to kid a kidder. or is it ?

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