Apr 212013

One of the pleasant aspects of how life with my wife has changed over the years is our mutual enjoyment of running. I’ve always been a runner but she has only become one since her early thirties. It’s a healthy outdoor activity that we regularly enjoy together. It’s a simple sport to enjoy, whether at home or travelling. It’s an efficient all-round work-out, especially if you have limited time. All you need are your running shoes and you’re set.

Yesterday was rainy, cold and miserable in Jo’burg. Today was beautiful, fresh and crisp and we got in a nice little run around the neighbourhood. Coming down Earnest Rd our chatter turned to how beautiful the morning was and how silly we both found society’s need for gym membership and wanting to run on a treadmill.

Yes, I’m amazed by the way the world works when it comes to exercise. It seems you’re not quite right in the head unless you join a gym and do your running with a crowd and blaring music. And wait. You must spend thousands on heart-rate monitors and running gear. And don’t forget the iPod pouches to allow music and entertainment if you ever do run outdoors, because, heaven-forbid you encounter those things called thoughts in your head while you’re out running.

It’s as if the world has forgotten how to enjoy life. There seems to be a belief that to achieve or enjoy anything you have to spend money.

Pure simple basic running in the outdoors! That’s my choice for health and fitness. For me, there is no such thing as “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner”.

running free


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