Nov 302011

Josh Nankivel – Top 10 reasons why projects fail ! Did not even read his reasons but immediately got me thinking – Bulldust! What is project failure anyway? If the initial estimates and planning are based on assumptions that prove to be inaccurate, and the poor PM fails to convince the stakeholders to revise their position, then why is that considered a “Failure !!!?”

Lets face it. Corporate politics predominantly dictate project performance. Not reality. Sure, it’s the PM’s responsibility to engage with corporate stakeholders to try and align expectations and performance measurement criteria, but seriously, if they don’t see reason, then can you really add that specific project into the “failure stat’s database” ?

Controversial? Absolutely.

Firmly rooted in reality? Maybe.

Not what the establishment wants to hear? Definitely.

Bottom line is: your project “Success” depends on a myriad of factors that you cannot control. All you can do is ensure that you are continually, consistently, tirelessly¬†following best practice and doing your best to cover all bases.

If we’re really honest with ourselves; Some of the PM’s life remains pure luck!

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