May 252015

Planning and preparing for the future is destroying the present! It’s a difficult tightrope this “preparing for tomorrow”. It cannot be neglected, that’s for sure. But it’s so easy to let the future dominate the present, to rob it of the enjoyment it so richly deserves.

Take sailing for instance. There’s a storm in the future, a given event but without a definite timeline. I know it’s coming and so I prepare for it making sure the boat is in tip-top shape, the reefing lines run free and the gear is properly stowed. I practice, I prepare and then I go out and enjoy a sail. If the storm catches me out then I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Either that or I never venture off the dock for fear of what might happen? If the motor fails? What then? Well I’ll drift toward  a dock somewhere, drop an anchor, call for help, I’ll manage.

Yeah. Fear [maybe that is too strong a word] of the future is limiting our present. I don’t anchor out because I’m uncertain I can and am wary of the pain. Yet if I don’t practice my anchoring I’ll never get it right? Past pain and future fears – they’re limiting our present.

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