Jun 282012

It’s been a while since the Oranjeville Cruise, and no feedback or photos. Sorry. There was a bit of wind for a short while on the Saturday afternoon that brought the sails out, dying away to nothing in the anchorage just short of the road bridge at Oranjeville. It certainly wasn’t the windiest weekend on the water, but then, that makes for a sound and uninterrupted sleep on the hook. Thanks Noah for the berth seeing as how I’m still boatless.

Strider leaving the anchorage for home

No wind makes for exciting motoring but a good sleep on anchor

TinCup on the way home


It’s nearly upon us !!¬†http://www.windfinder.com/forecast/vaal_dam1&wf_cmp=2¬†predicts gentle breezes and not much tornado from the south-west….!

This is a photo from our last voyage there … can’t believe that was almost a year back !

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