Mar 312011

The web! A medium for communication, marketing and scam-artists!

– It’s a grand communications, networking and marketing tool.

– It has no value other than this!

and there seem to be a million and one ‘pyramid’ schemes selling the location-independant, quit-your-boring-PM-job-I’ve-done-it-I’ll-show-you-how blogs out there. it’s one thing to add value to the universe. it’s quite another to escape from the cubicle and then peddle your I’ve-escaped-I’ll-show-you-how wares back to the other cubicle-prisoners. i don’t think that you’re being honest if you do that! there is not much chance of getting rich quick and without a lot of hard graft. unfortunately there seem to be a huge number of people out there seeking, desperately searching for the magic bullet. and they are easy prey to the get-rich-quick hucksters. i guess it all boils down to personal preference, standards if you will.

you can make a living, even a great living but it’s going to take effort.

or am I missing something?

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