Jun 082016

Do writers have any respect in the world? Don’t know?

The general millennial outlook seems to be shaped by a chronic lack of attention. The most reading done may be twitter and the rest of social media seems to revolve around visual media [photos, video etc]. Of the humans that still read anything longer than twenty words, and of course those that actively seek out real full-length books, I guess there may be some kind of unrecognised appreciation for the authors. After all, if you love books, by inference you must love the writers behind them?

Why does this matter? Well, actually it doesn’t at all. I was just thinking about writing. What makes a writer?

Well, firstly you have to write [or type more commonly these days]. But then you have to address the thorny issue of what to write about! And that’s perhaps the most difficult. Sure, you could write about almost anything. For example…

A while back, clearing out the old store room, Markus stumbled across a dusty-smelling cardboard box, packed full of old photo, momentos of times long gone. There was some interest from the family, chuckling at their previous tiny selves. With that done, the photos moved off the kitchen counter, there remained only a red 2B Staedtler pencil. It calls to Markus ‘Stop this silly writing thing, when shall you draw again?

So yes, there’s a potential story in everything. Whether every and any story might be read? Now that’s a good question. Perhaps it doesn’t matter? After all, I’ve been burning up the keyboard on EverNote quite frequently over the last few years. If I look at the note-count; 677 in _dtmNB and counting and considering I don’t necessary commit my drivel to HDD every single day, that makes it around 3-4 years of constant mind dumps via this VAIO into the cloud. Here’s the thing: “I hardly ever, never go back and read what I’ve written. Almost never!

So, once again, why write?

To be honest, I have no clue other than, well, it seems to be what I do!

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