May 252013

I’ve always thought that Good Old Boat matches the South African inland sailing scene quite nicely. While the mainstream sailing media do their thing advertising super-new, super-big, super-expensive dreams the rest of us are quietly getting on with our sailing, content with our old sailboats and just being out on the water.

While there are the new yachts out there, the majority of the sailing scene here is made up of folk sailing older, smaller boats. Boats that are relatively cheap to buy and to maintain. Also, considering the options and costs of the few available boatyards, many sailors choose to do their own maintenance work  and improvement projects.

The content of GOB is directly relevant to the majority of us. We mostly all sail older boats from the 70’s and 80’s. Our boats are typically between 2o and 34 footers. We all need tips and information on boat improvements, maintenance methods, navigation theory and just plain good old articles on living the good life aboard to keep us focused and motivated on the sailing lifestyle. The list goes on.

As an example….there’s a interesting article in the May/June 2001 issue entitled “They Also Sail”.

IS Sailors also sail


So, you say ” I’m convinced! But I can’t fly across the pond every 2 months to collect my copy of GOB off the news stand………”

Well, the great news is that GOB are now offering their magazine in digital format

which means we can now download right here in South Africa [or anywhere of course]. They have generously made 2 FREE issues available for download to InlandSailing readers. Totally free and with no obligations for further subscriptions.

Head on over to the Good Old Boat website and try them out.


PS: InlandSailing doesn’t earn any commission or income from Good Old Boat so we have no vested interests when we wholeheartedly endorse them. In the modern world of glitz, glamour and rampant bigger-is-better commercialism, they are a shining example that sailing life can indeed be very good, even on a budget. Try them out! You won’t be sorry you did !
PPS: Don’t try downloading the Hi-Res copies. They are huge and take forever to download and are slow to read on your PC once you have them downloaded. Stick with the standard size downloads. They’re super-detailed and of excellent quality so there’s really no need for more.

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