The Lists



  • Hatches:
    • Fore-deck Hatch: Reverse opening direction, maybe replace with something sturdier?
    • Aft-deck Hatch: Can be lost at sea when opening. Secure to ship!
    • Companionway washboards: Lock in place when in position, permanently attached to boat, cockpit storage.
    • Bunk Covers: Secure in position.
    • Bilge Floors: Secure in position.
  • Steering:
    • Windvane
    • Emergency tiller & rudder plan
    • Check and service rudder, pintles etc
  • Hull:
    • Through Hulls: Wooden bungs for all.
    • Cockpit drains: Enough? Fast enough drainage?
    • Stern Gland: Plan if leak develops?
    • Bilge Pumps: Secure handles, gasket material.
  • Electrics & Communications:
    • Hand-held VHF to complement ships VHF [or SSB with remote mic?]
    • Satellite phone backup?
    • eMail solution. -> & IridiumGo !?
    • Solar Panels: Remount on more substantial frame.
    • Batteries: Gel? Mount and secure against capsize.
    • Spray shields for port quarter berth & electrics
  • Rigging and sails:
    • Rigging cutter
    • Replace all standing and running rigging.
    • Inspect chainplates.
    • Spare mains’l?
    • Rig second fore-stay for hank-on sails [Solent stay].
    • Mast steps.
    • Check boom and gooseneck.
  • Safety:
    • Liferaft or suped-up sailing tender?
    • Flares etc
    • EPIRB
    • Jackstays
    • Preventer [see GOB double vang preventer Issue3 1998]
  • Accommodation & Comfort:
    • Spray Dodger
    • Cockpit Shade: Beef up current arrangement
    • Cockpit splash covers

[ ]Handheld VHF
[ ]Handheld GPS
[ ]Asymmetric spinnaker or cruising chute
[ ]SSB radio and eMail solution -> Check out IridiumGo on
[ ]Splash cover/Water shield for inverter and solar regulators.
[ ]SS backing pads for main winches
[x]Ship’s radio license
[ ]Binoculars
[ ]Remote VHF at helm or portable
[ ]Skipper’s “Coastal” license
[ ]Chart plotter [I don’t have an iPad and don’t feel right springing R8k for a 10″ android -> R8k for a charplotter seems a reasonable compromise]
[ ]Cutter/Solent rig?
[x]Mast steps [Dicky]
[ ]Redo all halyards and running rigging [Dicky]
[x]Anti-Osmosis treatment [Dicky]
[ ]Antifoul [Dicky]
[ ]Galley sea water tap
[ ]Recut the genoa
[ ]Spare hank on sails
[ ]Wind vane (navik?)
[ ]Additional water tankage More plumbed in tanks or containers?
[ ]Batten down the floorboards and the bunk tops
[ ]Foredeck hatch improvements
[ ]Beef up / Replace the coach roof wooden hand rails
[ ]Harnesses and jack lines
[ ]Anchor Windlass – MANUAL Pardey uses a Plath 7B Ch 18 of the self sufficient cruiser has a list of suppliers of manual winches.
[ ]At sea communications. SSB + Pactor-Modem or Sat Phone or both ? Skymate looks interesting BUT doesn’t cover Africa!! 🙁
[ ]Coastal Skipper’s ??
[ ]Lee boards
[x]Non-slip floors at 1/4 berths
[ ]Remove and plug the ‘gas drain’
[ ]Bungs/ plugs for all through hulls
[ ]Veggie hammocks
[ ]Cockpit spray dodger [hard dodger] & leecloths
[x]Replace running rigging
[ ]Tie the washboards to the boat
[x]Radar reflector
[ ]Replace standing rigging ?? Forestay done June 2016.
[ ]Underwater epoxy putty
[ ]misc board & hware to plug holes
[ ]A good selection of blocks, shackles, line and hardware to repair and jury rig anything.
[ ]Hard dodger [see GOB 2006_0506]
[ ]spare / stronger tiller