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All about a sweet little yacht from the mid-70’s called “Ocean Blue.

Ocean Blue is a Miura-class sailboat, a 31-foot sloop built by Nebe Boatbuilders in Hout Bay, South Africa. From what I can gather she’s one of the original batch of ten or so boats commissioned and built in the mid-seventies by members of the local clubs looking for an alternative to the Cape-to-Rio racers of the day [i.e. the van der Stadt designed RCOD]. Designed by the legendary Oswald Berkemeyer [who sadly passed away a few years ago], the Miura’s quickly built up an enviable reputation as an affordable entry into the offshore sailing arena and quickly proved herself to be tough sea-kindly and seaworthy, all necessary attributes considering the rough and unpredictable waters of the southern African coast.

Born and bred in the waters around the Cape Peninsular Ocean Blue spent her formative years in the mid-to-late 70’s and early 80’s at the False Bay Yacht Club, Simon’s Town and Royal Cape Yacht Club in Cape Town (The 2015/2016 RCYC Vice Commodore remembers a Miura called Inshallah, ‘Blue’s former name, docked there). Some unknown time after, she was trucked up to the Vaal, an inland reservoir 100km south of Johannesburg, where she has been ever since up until 2016. She was re-engined at some point at Manten’s, currently running a little 12-hp single cylinder Yanmar that was reportedly the original motor installed in Ellwing, a Miura owned by Dicky Manten himself. As usual in the sailboat world in South Africa, the rest of her history is somewhat vague. In December 2012 she was moved across to Vaal Marina where she is currently was moored at Pennant Nine Yacht Clubwaiting impatiently for the move back to her spiritual home in False Bay.

Ocean Blue rounding Fools Pt some time around March 2013

Ocean Blue rounding Fools Pt, Vaal Dam some time around March 2013

In June 2016 the big decision was taken and ‘Blue, while still not exactly in Simons Town, is now at least floating in the South Atlantic at last. Until her skipper faces his fears and takes the leap, she will call RCYC home and slowly but surely the West Coast cruises are ranging further and further afield.

Ocean Blue at sea, December 2016

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