Jan 092013

After some Sole sUrchin over the last couple of weeks, I’ve decided to move the new old boat, Ocean Blue, back to PNYC. While being on a walk-on at Bayshore is very convenient, there are several factors that make a swing mooring more attractive for me.

  • Firstly the difference in cost is significant. At a grand a month for the walk-on, improvements and upgrades to the ship will be severely curtailed. Much better to make that spend on the boat and her systems and maintenance.
  • Then there is the convenience of the swing-mooring for a single- or short-handed sailor. It’s way easier to moor up !! Also, should there be any engine hiccups, sailing on and off the mooring is still possible. Sure, it’s a little more difficult to get to the boat, having to dig out the tender and motor out, but that’s a small price to pay.
  • Thirdly, while it’s good to socialise in the marina setting on occasion, for me it’s just a little too cramped and closed in. Your neighbours are not 40m away but 3-4m.

Sure, I’ll miss the readily available power and water but, as with all things in life, one weighs up the pros and cons, makes your choices and then moves on.

So, back on the swing she is and the first challenge to being back are the friendly pigeons. On the walk-on or on the hard they are not a factor but as soon as the yacht is on the swing mooring, they figure that’s carte blanche to move in and crap up the place. And so, my first project since being back has been to construct a pigeon cover over the coach-roof and cockpit. It’s working brilliantly and as a bonus, it also doubles as a shade cover, keeping the cockpit brightwork out of direct sunlight. As an additional measure I’m also trying out a mechanical, rotating bird-scarer device [I’ll let you all know if this is a long-term workable solution in a while].


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