Oct 092017

I nearly died several times on the way home today***.

  • Nearly blown off the x300
  • Nearly struck by lightning near Grayston.
  • Nearly bludgeoned to death by hailstones.
  • Nearly drowned just after Grayston.
  • Nearly met a taxi coming the wrong way through the open sewer that is Jukskei at Bruma (the other side of the road was flooded).

And then I got home, way, way before all the rest of the clowns in their cars.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the rush-hour this bad.?..

Now that was an ideal adventure!

A controlled and short burst of challenge that didn’t drag on for 10 hours.

[And, a superb test of the new foul weather gear.]


*** The gurus that know about these things inform me that my writing should be clear, understandable, unambiguous.

Sometimes I beg to differ because the ‘English Literature’ we were forced to study in high school most definitely didn’t seem, at least to me, to meet that criteria much of the time.

Nevertheless, in deference to the ‘Guru-Instruction‘, the causal event for today’s article, if it can be so termed, was a massive, huge, ginormous and intimidating Highveld thunderstorm, dumping on the x300 and me while we made our way home.

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