Aug 162015

I was browsing my ‘friends’ facebook page a while back and stumbled on this photo of George’s [name changed to protect another member of the Woolly Masses] new toys. If I quickly add that lot up – R1M for the vehicles and another R2-3M for the home. That’s huge, way more than I wish to finance and pay back. And that doesn’t include Wifey’s car, the kiddies education fund and normal daily living.

George's very expensive toys

George’s very expensive toys

Now, to be fair, George has been way more motivated than I to climb the corporate career ladder. At this stage of the game, while he’s probably around 10 years younger than I am, I’m guessing he earns at least R500k more a year than I do. But, and here’s the thing……just looking at this picture he’s living a very, very expensive lifestyle. Gut-feel …. he’s spending more than he can afford and will be on the corporate treadmill for the rest of his life.

I can hear you now .. “What an Asshole. Who does he think he is ranting on poor George? He owns a yacht, several cars, a house on the hill. Besides, he has no idea who George really is and how he’s managed to finance his life. He could be way off base!”

You know what, you’re right. I may very well be wrong about George. This I’ll concede. That said, I’m pretty certain that the scenario recounted above is not an unusual middle-class scenario. So yes, it may not be George, but is sure as heck 90% of all the working stiffs we see each day driving the hourly rush to the office and back.

So where am I going with this monologue you ask? Well I’ll enlighten you.

George has spent a huge amount of money on liabilities. Toys that may give him pleasure for sure, but ultimately all are detracting from living a life of freedom, both time and financial. With the money he’s spent on these, he could have invested the million and he would be earning R4k per month forever. Right now though, he’s just paying out money each month for the pleasure of ‘enjoying’ these machines – fuel, maintenance, licensing, insurance.

I’m in a very different space in life at the moment. That R4k a month would [and will] come in very handy thank you. It’s part of the plan to quit this unsatisfying consumer work-and-spend lifestyle. No more toys of that caliber or cost for me.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m still buying toys, but my toys currently are all geared toward supporting my future and wished for lifestyle. They’re paid for in cash and provide utility….

Useful toys!

Useful toys!

Not as cool as two new bikes and a Prado you may say. Well, I hear you but I don’t care. My toys are useful, they don’t leave me paying off debt and can actually be put to use saving [and even making] me additional income!

Different focus in life, neither more right than the other. Neither is the one true way. But I can honestly say that I’m in a space in life where I’m happy with where I am and where I’m going. I hope that’s also true of George.

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