Apr 022014

So today was the first day of the new job. I had high hopes of a wonderful experience where everything was ready and waiting for me, desk, laptop, fuel card …….

Yeah, ok. So I remain naive and stupid !

I’ve been allocated a filthy-looking desk right on the corridor entrance by the printer, in an open plan area. Lovely. There are no key’s for the drawers [which by the way are still filled with someone’s stuff] and the setting was just so awful I immediately suggested, and did, move to a smaller off-aisle hot-seat [but which has no phone].

Anyway, whining aside, it was definitely ‘just another day in the office”, certainly not an exciting experience. The people you speak to seem to expect you to say “Wow. Awesome. What an exciting new beginning!”. They really, really do.! Strange beings these sheep.

Today got me thinking that the question that has to be asked by others is “Wow, he certainly seems to be going backwards in his career doesn’t he?” [well OK maybe it’s only occurred to me]. After all, many of the people who once worked under me in this organisation are now higher up the hierarchy than I am today.

The thing that directly and subversively supports this point of view is the modern corporate ‘Secrecy Act’ which compels each and every employee to jealously guard their financial deal with the organisation. Inside the corporate, without knowing what the other sheep earn, it’s impossible for the flock to judge each other’s progress other than to look at their position on the ladder. In a similar fashion, the world outside the job looks to things like spending on houses, cars and lifestyle to make an assessment on earnings. Both views are totally flawed.

I’m working on the tail-end of this career, this job, for the sole purpose of increasing the stash as fast and as soon as possible. We’ve pretty much determined what ‘enough’ is and when we hit that level of savings it wil be “Adios Amigos”. The salary that I’m earning is way higher than it would have been had I stayed and climbed the ladder. Before I left I was earning well and the company move, coupled with a good 14% increase in 2014, means I’m way ahead of the current pack, even with their promotions. There’s no guarantee that 2015 will be anything as rosy but that’s so far in the future as to be a non-issue at the moment.

So yes it’s definitely more of the same. But with a more concrete, finite time-frame plan that is keenly desired by both of us. I just have to suck this up for another 5 years or so, keep the spend down and the savings injection up and we’re in with a fighting chance. That knowledge on it’s own is a great motivator.

It’s the last push to more freedom. So bring on the new beginnings !!


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