Mar 172012

In the project and corporate team context, some individuals are ‘more valuable’ than others. This is not a radical, politically incorrect thought. It’s a common belief and is really just the “Right seat on the right bus” theory stated perhaps a little more bluntly.

 So what makes some team members ‘more valuable’ than others? In a nutshell –

 Commitment and Accountability

 One shows Commitment and Accountability by ….

 Making and Keeping Promises

 In this instant, information age, it’s all too easy to be pressured into making too many commitments, to say ‘Yes!’ to everything that comes your way. Don’t! Be selective in what you take onto your plate, then make big promises and consistently deliver on them! That’s the way to get noticed in the team, the organisation, the world.

 We live in a vague world. And it gets vaguer all the time. There are so many waffle words, so many equivocations, so many ways to sort of say what we kind of intend to possibly do…    In this environment, the power of the specific, measurable and useful promise made and kept is difficult to overstate. And if you can do it regularly, on time and without a fuss, we will notice.Seth Godin

 Project teams need committed individuals like this. Choose your battles wisely and consistently run hard. Never Jog!

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