Feb 282014

I read the following on a random website this morning:

“As someone who has experienced a layoff in her career, the lesson is you should never be too comfortable with your job security or too presumptuous that you’ll never lose your job. If there’s anything we learned from the economic downturn of 2008, 2009…it’s that there is no such thing as an “essential” employee.” To that end, it’s always important to stay on top of the news in your industry, to continue to grow in your field and network. My first boss shared with me some valuable advice: She told me I should always keep my resume fresh, updated and circulating, at all times!

Mark adds that your network is your number one asset. It is made up of who knows you, knows what you do and knows how good you are at it. They are also your unofficial sales team… They will pick up the phone and recommend you to someone else if you ask them to. This explains why those with the biggest networks always seemed to be the most successful at work! Go to work parties, attend conferences, find ways to keep growing your connections.”

The only statement I agree with here is the one saying that no employee is “essential”. Everything else, while it may work for you, is absolutely not me. I have never tended my “network”, never gone out of my way to schmooze the crowd and attend team events. And, if I compare my current situation to that of my peers, I don’t seem to be doing too badly to date.

I’ll stick with what has worked for me thanks.

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