Nov 232014
Zee 3

Zee 3

Mid-life clarity or a stumbling block, a delay in the dream? Life is never that straight forward. If I apply that logic everywhere then I should sell up everything, Ocean Blue included, all in an attempt to fasttrack the dream. But what of today? Even by doing that, it’s not a question of a month or two. More like a year or two. And that’s a long time to live without the boat, a long time to live in sacrifice in preparation for living tomorrow?

Chatting to an old sailing acquaintance yesterday has once again emphasised the need to live well today. Not at the expense of tomorrow’s dreams but certainly with the understanding that life doesn’t always go as planned. He and his wife had the dream home in Glencairn but a stroke a while back left her unable to manage the stairs and so that dream is ended.

Chatting with S, we can’t risk that. The time is now! Live well and enjoy life today, make the transition to Glencairn sooner rather than later. I’d rather take the plunge and risk running out of money down the line that risk having never lived the life there due to sickness or death or unforeseen circumstance.

Looking at those in the world around me, lives snuffed out, dreams curtailed by illness ..!? No, that’s not a risk I’m willing to take at this stage of my life. It’s time to go while I still have some life in my bones!

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